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Roulette System Scammers

Over the years there have been so many scams relating to roulette, some of which are legal and some that definitely are not. In this article I want to draw your attention to some of these rather dodgy ways of scamming the casino.

There were even more scams before the introduction of CCTV in casinos but as you will see, the introduction of cameras gave rise to a whole lot of new styles of scam!

Casino Scams for Roulette

My Roulette Stories

Reading these stories is never going to make you rich but if you have a small amount of spare time you may like to read about some of the amazing moments that I witnessed on my journey as a pro-roulette player. I am also interested in hearing about your own stories as players and if you have even more spare time, please email me as I would be pleased to add your story here too.

Roulette Player Stories

Systems and strategies
for winning at Roulette

This is a short examination of different roulette playing methods and strategies for winning. The article includes a look at visual roulette play and the roulette croupiers signature system.

Win Roulette and gain a Long Term Edge


Factors for successful Roulette Play

All the best systems are created from a combination of factors and to overlook one important factor may leave us with no effective system for playing at all. Most players don’t realize that even when we have the best roulette system, it may still not work if we have omitted to consider that the conditions affecting the action of the roulette ball are changing all the time. Changing pressure and temperature will greatly affect where the ball will end up and we should always be on the look out for such changes in order to adjust accordingly.

Roulette System Factors

History of Roulette-rulet-Ruleta

Roulette is without doubt the most popular casino game across the world. When we talk of systems and the Holy Grail, it is more often roulette that we refer to as this game offers up some of the most dramatic odds. Roulette has had a long history of big winners and in this article we will look at how it all started and where we have come to with today’s modern roulette game.

Roulette Playing History

Roulette Wheel Design and Manufacture

Roulette wheel design varies dramatically and is of great importance to the professional roulette winner. In these roulette notes I want to show how the ball track, the diamond shapes and types of number pockets are all different from one manufacturer to another. These aspects of design will affect how long the ball will spin for, how the ball will bounce and even how the ball will settle in the pocket at the end. These are the first roulette factors a pro-gambler will look at when first walking into a new casino.

Roulette Wheel Manufacture and design Information


Beat the Casino Roulette wheel

How to beat the casino? The big question I am asked most frequently. It is very possible to do but will depend an many physical factors of the game and we will look closer at some of these conditions for successful roulette winning.

Win At The Casino

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